Brady team: Favre didn't get banned for not turning over phone -

There is no evidence of a record associated with past suspensions based purely about obstructing a League investigation. Though Anthony Hargrove had been initially suspended with regard to allegedly lying to be able to investigators with regards to Bountygate, former NFL commissioner Paul Tagliabue ultimately removed that suspension, researching Hargrove's insufficient cooperation to be able to Favre's refusal to always be able to cooperate.

The court documents range coming from the complete transcript associated with Brady's appeal heard simply by NFL commissioner Roger Goodell. In The Actual Program Of Brady's appeal, Kessler cited Favre's sexting scandal and the fine that will Favre received for not cooperating with investigators.

Brady's team utilized Favre's sexting scandal throughout its appeal with Goodell. And Also because transcript, Brady's lawyer, Jeffrey Kessler, argues which if there has been clearly "a lack of cooperation" from Brady then there can be certainly "a good reputation for extremely comparable behavior."

After rehashing Tagliabue's decision, Kessler re-emphasized the actual fact that history says your punishment for the crime is a fine, not just a suspension.

In an effort to prove that Tom Brady's Deflategate suspension ended up being unprecedented, Brady's legal team employed Brett Favre's sexting scandal and Bountygate to demonstrate the NFL has never suspended a player for failing for you to cooperate in the program of an investigation, in accordance with court documents obtained by

"That's the actual history," Kessler said. When the NFLPA filed any Petition to Vacate Arbitration Award with the United State District Court throughout Minnesota, in addition, it brought up the particular reversal involving Hargrove's suspension, specifically making use of Hargrove's case in order to debate that no player may be suspended pertaining to failing for you to cooperate along with investigators.

"Although not necessarily totally comparable towards the current matter, this illustrates your NFL's practice associated with fining, not suspending players, for serious violations involving this type. "It's been the fine.". (USATSI)

Here's what Tagliabue mentioned at the time:

Here's an excerpt from the documents:

"So Brett Favre throughout an incident a person could keep inside mind involving sexting about his phone, he was found to have refused for you to cooperate in the investigation and the particular man had been fined $50,000."

Kessler then demonstrated how Favre's fine was used like a precedent with regard to fining players -- not suspending all of them -- pertaining to failing to be able to cooperate. Throughout my forty numerous years of association using the NFL, I'm aware of many instances involving denials within disciplinary proceedings that proved to become false, but I cannot recall any suspension pertaining to such fabrication."

When Brady's suspension was upheld simply by Goodell, your NFL's statement emphasized in which Brady destroyed his cell telephone even though he knew that investigators had requested usage of his phone

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